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Cold Brew

A Guide to Brewing the Glass of Cold Brew

The perfect cold brew

Cold brew and coffee in general is no direct sience. I will give you my best tips and tricks and at the bottom of this page there is even a video showing exactly how I make my cold brew. However, you will need to do some testing, try out different beans, different brewing times and different complements. If you do that, you will soon discover how amazing homemade cold brew coffee can be!

What you’ll Need

Cold Brew Maker
(or French Press)
Coffee Beans or Ground Coffee

Brew Time


Step 1

Great beans will give great taste. I am not gonna tell you exactly what bean you should buy, you need to test a lot of different ones to find the best tasting for you. However, I recommend you to buy whole beans instead of ground coffee and I also encourage you to test some expensive and som cheap beans to see if you can taste a difference.  

Step 2

If you use whole beans you will need to grind them, for cold brew I recommend finely grounded coffee, and, of course, the same thing goes for ground coffee if you don’t want to use whole beans

(pssst… again, buy whole beans)

Step 3

Let us start brewing! Use about 1:8 coffee to water ratio and fill you brewer with coffee and cold water. You should, of course, try different ratios, it can differ a lot depending on your taste and on the beans.

Step 4

Let the cold brew sit for about 24hrs, the longer the more taste will be extracted from the coffee. I usually let it sit for about 30hrs, but again, try around. Try 20hrs, 24hrs, 30hrs and 34hrs and explore how the taste is transforming over time. Some let it sit on the counter while others put it in the fridge, if you will let it sit for a longer time the fridge is probably a better place.

Step 5

Serving! You just created your own batch of, hopefully, great Cold Brew. Congratulations! Let’s enjoy it. Serve it cold either as it is or with some complements (milk, milk foam, syrup, sugar, chocolate or even lemonade)


If you want some more tips & tricks, check the video guide. 


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