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How do you make cold brew coffee? (In 5 Easy Steps)

Cold brew coffee seems like a mystery for them who only had it once in a coffee shop or maybe only heard about it. It is not that difficult to make it yourself actually and, it tastes much better than if you buy it. 


The process

Cold brew coffee is, as it sounds, coffee brewed with cold water. When you brew with cold water, you will have to let it brew for a much longer time than with hot brew. We often recommend a brewing time between 12 and 24hrs. Depending on taste and coffee.


Tools & Ingredients

Making cold brew is not hard, but you will need some sort of brewer. Two of the most popular alternatives are french press and a mason jar. But you can also use a cold brew maker made for cold brew.

The important thing is that you can filter out the coffee ground after brewing the coffee.

You will, of course, also need coffee and water. Different people like different sorts of coffee but, we recommend you to start with a dark roasted coffee. If you have a coffee grinder, buy whole beans. If not, buy coffee ground.

Using whole beans and grinding them yourself will increase the quality of taste, but let’s not be too snobby. If you don’t have grinder coffee ground will work fine (especially in the beginning).


Okay, let’s start!

What you’ll Need

  • Cold Brew Maker (or french press or mason jar)
  • Coffee 
  • Water

Brew Time


Recipe Time


Step 1

Grind your coffee (if you use whole beans) to coarse ground.


Step 2

Add the coffee to your brewing device of choice. We want a pretty high coffee to water ratio. This will create a really strong tasting cold brew, but we can and should add water to serving.

A good ratio is 1 ounce of coffee for every cup of water.

The ratio depends on what sort of coffee you are using but this ratio is a good starting point. You can adjust after taste the next time.

Step 3

Add water. How much depends on how much coffee you used. Again, a good ratio to start with is 1 ounce of coffee for every cup of water.

Stir around and make sure all the coffee ground gets wet.


Step 4

Let it brew. 12-24 hrs. The brewing time depends on taste and how fine of coffee grind you are using. My advice is that you start with 18hrs and then adjust in the future.


Step 5

After the brewing, filter out the coffee ground. If you use a french press, press down the coffee and pour over the cold brew coffee into a second

Your delicious homemade coffee is ready to be served!

Take a glass, add ice and pour in your cold brew. Last, add water, how much water depends on how strong you brewed your coffee.

Add any other complements you want — for example, milk, some sweetener or even salt (?!).




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