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Lemonade and Cold brew (?!)

For some time ago I asked a lot of people about their favorite cold brew. Most people recommended plain cold brew or cold brew with just a splash of milk or similar. But surprisingly many did recommend some a lemonade & cold brew fusion. The recipes were quite different but I tried some of them and this is the recipe I liked the most. Try it and let me know what you think!

What you’ll Need

  • Lemonade – 1/4
  • Cold brew – 3/4
  • Sugar or syrup
  • Ice

Brew Time


Recipe Time


Step 1

First step is to brew your cold brew (or buy). Make sure to use a beans or ground good for cold brew. Depending on how you like your cold brew, you probably should use dark or medium roast. Light roast will probably not give a taste strong enough for this drink. 

Step 2

Use a cold brew maker or french press and fill it with the coffee and water. Approximately 1:8 coffee to water ratio.

Let it sit in the fridge for 18-24hrs. 

Step 3

Pour lemonade and sugar (or syrup) into a glass and blend. Make sure that the sugar is dissolved. Depending on how sweet or sour the lemonade is, you will have to adjust the amount of sugar. 

Lastly, add cold brew and ice. Done.




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